Xeikon Café TV - Labels & Packaging
ANZ Region 2021

Labels & Packaging

Not every digital printing technology fits for every label printing application. However, this shouldn’t hold you back to make a move into digital. During these sessions we will provide you with practical info to make your moves into digital production in 5 steps:

- Step 1: Choosing the right printing technology – Inkjet session

- Step 2: Choosing the right printing technology – Dry toner session

- Step 3: Choosing the right finishing technology

- Step 4: Matching colours with other technologies

- Step 5: Integrating the digital setup into your workflow

These sessions are dedicated to the Australian and New-Zealand printing markets who are either considering to invest into digital with or without a label background, have experience with digital label printing and want to expand or brandowners, printbuyers considering to bring label printing inhouse.

Download the presentation & see the webinar on Youtube.