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Window sticker


Window stickers (also sometimes referred to as window decals or window graphics) are images, and graphics printed on transparent self-adhesive material and then placed on windows or glass surfaces, either on the inside or the outside of any customer-facing environment. The usually come low tack, making it easy to apply and remove. High-quality window graphics are an excellent way to attract attention, create curiosity and to get your message across to your customers or visitors. It’s a great way of using the physical storefront you already have for your marketing purposes.

Production details

Here you can see personalized direct mail samples printed on a Xeikon CX500 digital press.

  • Print dimensions: 
  • Substrate:
  • Toner: 
  • Finishing


What is the value of digital printing?

Window graphics are easily exchangeable. You can swap in new or updated visual messages following campaigns to maximize the sales. So why would you not print them in short runs, or in longs runs with lots variable data ? Stop using the printed boring messages and decals ‘50% off’, ‘Sales’, ‘New arrivals’ that are recycled every season.
Thanks to digital printing you can create fresh appealing messages and tie into your digital marketing efforts on all the socials.
Furthermore digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  • highest digital printing quality to provide the highest value
  • one pass printing with opaque white providing the highest output without the hassle of multi-pass inkjet processes
  • effortless 100% matching production of brand colors thanks to the customize spot color program
  • workflow additions such as VariOne to offer a unique series of window decals with each its own image, creating true creative appeal


Which is the preferred digital press for window sticker applications?

The Xeikon CX500 digital printing press. The flagship in digital dry toner printing, which produces at true 1200 dpi and 
at stunning speeds while offering with its digital front-end full flexibility:

  • dry toner technology: a stable process ensuring consistency on the widest range of materials
  • full rotary printing: ensures a consistent image positioning on the web required for finishing
  • variable repeat length: allows for the printing of any type of window sticker length minimizing waste
  • high quality printing: 1200 dpi with wide color gamut and spot colors, including white
  • top web speed: up to 30 m/min (98ft/min)
Digital production solution with a Xeikon CX500