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Greeting cards & invites


The tradition of giving greeting cards and invitations as a meaningful expression of our personal affection for another person is still deeply ingrained in human nature. This tradition will likely continue as research shows that younger generations use physical cards as well to manage their important relationships, with the tangible aspect and perceived value as main drivers. 
Research has also shown that most people agree that greeting cards and invitations cannot be replaced by social media. It is mostly about relationships that are “card worthy” : we want to personalize and add value to our communication for those that matter to us.

Production details

Here you can see personalized direct mail samples printed on a Xeikon SX30000 digital press.

  • Print dimensions: 
  • Substrate:
  • Toner: 
  • Finishing

Customized invites  Customized invites 2

Which is the preferred digital press for customized invites?

The Xeikon SX30000 digital printing press. The ultimate performer in digital document printing, which combines top quality printing, speed and versatility in media handling while offering a flexible workflow:
  • wide substrate range: from (un)coated to paperboard between 40 and 350 gsm (27 lb. text to 122 lb. cover)
  • B2 format or bigger for the most optimal impositioning
  • top web speed: up to 30 m/min (98 ft/min)
  • extensive workflow capabilities for connection to W2P portals or MIS interfaces
  • high quality printing: 1200 dpi with wide color gamut and spot colors
  • variable data capabilities: perfectly suited for high-end one-of-a-kind card products enabling personalization elements
    such as recipient names, limited editions, custom messages, variable pictures.

What is the value of digital printing?

In a time where so much information is fleeting, digital printing of cards allows people to connect in an authentic, meaningful and lasting way. They offer a more impactful and meaningful touchpoint in relationships. Digital printing simply allows to cut through the clutter of electronic communication.
In addition to utilizing retail and wholesale channels, nearly all established card companies also sell their product online where they allow for personalized images, messages, designs as well as different papers, card sizes and finishing options (e.g. varnish, lamination). Furthermore digital printing with Xeikon offers:
  • duplex offset quality to provide the highest value
  • excellent de-inkability to support and ensure optimized recycling process
  • capable to print heavy card stocks (coated, uncoated, recycled)