Heat Transfer Labelling
Personalized gifts


A decoration technology which enables decorating after the injection and/or blow moulding the plastic container. This allows for later stage decoration compared to injection and blow mould labeling but a similar look and feel, becoming an integral part of the container. Current technologies provide a solution for small plastic container up to large size containers. The simplicity of the process enables printer but also moulder to embrace this technology and bring this in-house, gaining on time to market.

Production details

Here you can see personalized gifts samples printed on a Xeikon CX300 digital press.

  • Print dimensions: 
  • Substrate: 
  • Toner: 
  • Finishing

The Xeikon CX300 has been the press of choice because of its ability to run any size of heat transfer labels and the chemical stable toner ensures reliability in the label application process.

  Label Teaser - Heat transfer labelling - Promotional products 221x317



Which is the preferred digital press for heat transfer labels for promotional products?

The Xeikon CX300 digital printing press. The entrée level press in digital dry toner printing, which produces at true 1200 dpi with a web width ranging from 200 mm (7.9”) till 330 mm (13”) stunning speeds while offering with its digital front-end full flexibility:

  • dry toner technology: a stable chemical process ensuring consistency furthermore opaque white toner allows to print on the widest range of materials 
  • full rotary printing: ensures a consistent image positioning on the web required for finishing
  • variable repeat length: allows for the printing of any type of label length minimizing waste
  • high quality printing: 1200 dpi with wide color gamut and spot colors

What is the value of digital printing?

The conventional process for promotional items is pad printing or conventional heat transfer. This technique is limited for reproducing color graphics due to the complex conventional printing process. Dry toner digital technology solves this issue. On top of that it delivers much better image quality, faster turnaround time, and helps build new revenue streams with higher profit margins, even on very small runs of different quantities of different sized labels.
Furthermore digital printing with Xeikon offers:
  • an alternative to traditional screen printing
  • a reliable print process
  • the ability to change the color sequence suiting the application process
Digital production solution with a Xeikon CX300