Self-adhesive Labelling
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Flexo – digital : perfect match

While there is a rise of different sku’s in brand owner portfolios we also recognize that run lengths vary  through the year driven by demand, supply chain, consumer behavior,… As a label converter you face the challenge to manage this variation and still operate profitable. A logic step would be to embrace different print solutions (digital, conventional, …). Which does come with other challenges ‘how to ensure products of the same brand look-a-like on the shelves.

Label - Self-adhesive labelling - Health & beauty extended gamut Plumeria             Label - Self-adhesive labelling - Health & beauty extended gamut Plumeria Soap

What is the value of digital printing?

Digital printing has some very strong benefits over flexographic printing, specifically for label converters who are doing predominantly small to medium full-color run jobs. This gives converters the chance to print the long runs more economical on the Flexo presses. The value of digital stretches beyond the short or medium run lengths, it also offers a perfect control of your color and image quality illustrated by these samples matching UV inkjet (Xeikon Panther Series) color representation with Dry toner (Xeikon Cheetah Series) printed samples.

  • Adjustable image quality to mimic other technologies e.g. Flexo. This can be through color profiles, adjusted screen rulings, .. as such making is a ‘perfect match’ from business and production perspective.
  • Lower cost for short run print jobs: Without printing plates, the startup costs of digital print are significantly lower for short run jobs in comparison to flexographic printing. Consequently, price breaks for digital printers come at much lower quantities than traditional presses. Furthermore, there is no need for bulk stock, saving the company a lot of money on warehousing facilities and storage.
  • Flexibility: Because there are no printing plates involved, digitally printed labels can be easily changed or updated at no expense. The operator can also easily print multiple versions of the same label quickly and easily. (This is a feature that many customers demand nowadays.) Put simply, digital printing allows for a level of flexibility that flexographic printing can’t accommodate without adding time, money and complexity.


Digital production solution with a Xeikon PX3300