Self-adhesive Labelling
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Xeikon developed a specific solution for printers looking to enhance and increase their range of labels. Recent research showed that consumers are more likely to touch a product when it attracts visual attention, and if they touch the product, they are even more likely to purchase it. Adding tactile elements to a product’s packaging will definitely contribute to the overall brand image of a product. It is the unique combination of the Xeikon X-800 workflow and the PantherCure UV ink that can generate a tactile layer, responsible for a so called  “haptic effect” in print. (Some would refer to 2,5D printing as an application that bridges the gap between 2D and 3D printing)

Printers can easily create designer labels with enhanced tactility, textures and a luxury feel. By generating a double white PantherCure UV inkjet layer, the haptic printing process not only boosts and expands the range of possible applications for high-end label markets, it helps make significant time savings by avoiding any modifications to the prepress files. The layer (structure’s shape and form) is created by the designer and stored as separate layer within the pdf file, on the X-800 this layer will be ripped separately and sent to the White station on the Panther. While printing, the software will make sure that the white layer (and thus all patterns / effects that are within the design of the white layer) is printed twice by the white inkjet head, resulting in a thick – tactile – white ink layer.

Production details

Here you can see a sample of a self-adhesive health & beauty label printed on a Panther series digital press.

  • Print dimensions: 140 x 75 mm
  • Substrate: Fasson - PP Top White S692N BG40WH
  • Toner: PantherCure UVink
  • Finishing: Xeikon DCoat Series, offline die cut.

The Xeikon PX3300  has been the press of choice because there is no need for additional varnish or lamination to have chemical resistant labels. As well its high productivity of 50 m/min (164 ft/min) and the efficient workflow with automated setup.

What is the value of digital printing?

The number of different products and versions in health & beauty and toiletries are rising continuously. On top of that, retailers are sub-segmenting and pushing their own private (retail) brands in different ranges on the market (economical, high-end, family, etc.). As the consumer base in most economies isn’t increasing, the run lengths per SKU is declining which creates the need to look for other printing methods that are more cost effective, such as digital. Furthermore, digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  • a choice in print technology Panther (UVIJ) for tactile, glossy look and feel or Cheetah (Dry toner) for offset look and feel
  • high opaque white on both Panther and Cheetah presses
  • significant time savings by avoiding any modifications to the prepress files


Which is the preferred digital press for self-adhesive health & beauty labels?

The Xeikon PX3300 digital printing press also known as ‘the Panther’. Its top speed of 50 m/min (164 ft/min) combined with the X800 workflow makes the Xeikon PX3300 the most productive 5-colour digital label press in its class:

  • UVIJ technology: without additional converting step it offers resistance to chemical fluid (e.g. lotions), while offering color strength
  • high quality printing: 600 dpi with wide color gamut and opaque white
  • complementing flexo in screen printing by its tactile and glossy look & feel


Which is the preferred digital production solution?

Below you can see our solution for self-adhesive Health & Beauty labels, the Xeikon PX3300 digital printing press for digital label printing.



Digital production solution with a Xeikon PX3300