Durable Self-Adhesive Labelling
Power tools


Labels for power tools must stay affixed for the life of the tool and remain legible to convey product information such as lot numbers, barcodes, safety warnings and warranties. If labels peel off, become illegible, scratch, or colors fade due to environmental circumstances, essential information is lost.
Traditionally, self-adhesive labels are produced with printing technologies like thermal transfer and silk screen printing.

Besides branding Labels, power tools are also marked with instructional labels, warning labels, and compliance labels (UL, CSA, recognition).

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Production details

Here you can see a sample of a power tool label printed on a Xeikon PX3300 digital press.

• Print dimensions: 70 x 40 mm
• Substrate: Avery Dennison PE100 TOP WH- S477 - BG40WH (BB697)
• Toner: PantherCure UV ink
• Finishing: Xeikon DCoat series, offline die cut

The Xeikon PX3300 has been the press of choice due to the durable characteristics of the  PantherCure UV inks and the unlimited repeat length for any size of labels.

What is the value of digital printing?


  • Adding anti-counterfeiting security features
  • The ability to print unlimited number versions (SKU’s) in one go
  • Printing instruction labels in different languages in one print run
  • Preventing of costly substrate waste, as there are no job changeover costs on the same substrate
  • Digital printing allows to print the required variable information
  • Digital printing with UL, and CSA recognition



The durability performance of the label is tested on labels printed on a Xeikon PX3300 press, with PantherCure UV inks and substrate Avery Dennison PE100 TOP WH - S477 - BG40WH (BB697)

  Market requirements Durability performance of label*
Scratch resistance +++ +++
Heat resistance + ++
Chemical resistance ++ +++
Sun & UV lightfastness ++ ++
UL, CSA compliance Mandatory Certified for Xeikon and Avery Dennison

* + = medium durability, ++ = high durability, +++ = very high durability

Digital production solution with a Xeikon PX3300