Durable Self-Adhesive Labelling
Chemical Drum Labels


Port container traffic by sea amounts to yearly 680 million containers worldwide. On average 99,99975 % of these containers arrive safely at the destination, the remaining containers get accidently lost in the ocean, … representing 1.675 containers or 13.000 drums being lost every year!

The BS 5609 certification aims at providing certifications guaranteeing the traceability of chemical drums / containers / liquid containers / boxes / jerrycans when transported by sea. The purpose of BS 5609 is to ensure that labels remain effective, even after 3 months floating in the sea or rubbing with the sand on the beach.  Xeikon has received in partnership with Avery Denisson the BS 5609 Section 3 certification for the PX3000 in combination with PantherCure UV IJ Inks.

Label Teaser - Self-Adhesive labelling - Chemical drum labels 221x317(2)

What is the value of digital printing?

Chemical companies are faced with the same challenges for short run, timely labels due to the stringent marine transport regulations:

  • The weight of a chemical drum can vary from one drum to another. The GHS legislation lays down specific requirements for minimum label sizes to be used for particular drum volumes. Popular sizes are: > 3L: min (52 h x 74 v) mm /  3L - 50L: min (74 h x 105 v) mm /  50L - 500L: min (105 h x 148 v) mm / > 500L: min (148 h x 210 v) mm    
  • The ability to print a large amount of variable information (barcode, QR code, serial number) pre-empt the need to complete their print with thermal transfer printing inline
  • The content of a chemical drum can vary from one drum to another. Conform to the GHS, the pictograms (“warning diamond”) and other information on the label have to be adapted to the content. The labelling requirements of GHS mean that it is no longer possible to produce a pre-printed ‘template’ label as warning diamonds cannot be left unpopulated
  • This level of variation in label size and content has encouraged end-users and convertors to look at digital printed BS 5609 Section 2 and 3 certified materials




The LABEL is printed on a Xeikon PX3000 press, with PantherCure UV inks and substrate Avery Dennison
PE100 TOP WH - S477 - BG40WH (BB697)

  Market requirements Durability performance of the LABEL*
Scratch resistance ++ +++
Heat resistance + +
Chemical resistance + +++
Sun & UV lightfastness ++ ++
BS 5609 Sections 2 & 3 compliance Mandatory (for marine transportation) Certified for Xeikon and Avery Dennison

* + = medium durability, ++ = high durability, +++ = very high durability