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Durable floor signs


When companies imagine floor marking, most think of aisle markers, pathway designations, and hazard stripes. However, large floor signs can play an important role in a broader floor marking placement by used to call attention to items on shelves above, maintaining order, keeping workers safe, and mitigating hazards. OSHA requires floor marking in United States workplaces but offers little specific direction. The agency doesn’t outline any specific guidelines for floor signs, but they are considered an effective component of a broader floor marking system.

Production details

Here you can see a sample of durable floor signs printed on a Xeikon PX3000 digital press.

  • Substrate: FLEXcon FLEXmark Floor Art 4652 White Base Film (Product ID #: FLX025166)
  • Laminate: FLEXcon FLEXmark OV6601 Rigid Clear Velvet Overlaminate (Product ID #: FLX019124)
  • Toner: PantherCure UV ink
  • Finishing: Xeikon Dcoat, offline diecutGraphic Arts - Durable floor signs

What is the value of digital printing?

Digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  •   undistinguishable quality for crisp text and graphics
  •   no startup costs
  •   no job changeover costs on the same print media
  •   ability to print unlimited number versions (SKU’s) in one go
Digital production solution with a Xeikon PX3000