Durable Self-Adhesive Labelling
Durable pipe marking labels


Pipe marking labels are used in the Oil, Gas & Chemical process industry, both outdoor and indoor, and have to be long life resistant to sunlight exposure and chemicals. Unmarked pipes in a process plant are dangerous to both life and property. Numerous injuries have occurred due to ignorance of pipe contents, especially in case of emergencies. Legislation such as ANSI/ASME try to maintain standards for this industry.

During installation, only (very) small quantities of labels in different sizes are needed.
Typical for pipe-marking labels is the fact that the label design is 100% fixed by the industry standards, so there is no artwork freedom for designers:
⁃    The label size is correlated to the tube diameter
⁃    An arrow has to indicate the flow direction of the liquid or gas
⁃    The color of the label is linked to the content
⁃    The label has to mention the product type in the pipe (gas, flammable liquid, etc.), GHS safety symbols,
    warning words (possibly in the local language)


Production details

Here you can see a durable pipe marking label sample printed on a Xeikon PX3000 digital press.

  • Substrate: Avery Dennison TRANSFER PET WH TOP - S8002-BG42WH
  • Toner: PantherCure CMYK
  • Finishing: SEI Laser Diecut

The Xeikon PX3000 has been the press of choice as its variable repeat length allows for any side label with a most efficient workflow due to its automated setup and is an affordable industrial printing press for professionals.

Label - Self adhesive label - Durable pipe marking


What is the value of digital printing?

Pipe marking is perfectly suitable for digital production. Digital printing is the only process that allows to deliver a fully printed-on-demand customized package which allows for last minute changes when this would be needed, while avoiding obsolete stock and waste costs. Furthermore, digital printing offers:
•    The ability to print unlimited number versions (SKU’s) in one go
•    The ability to print single and full color variable information
•    No substrate waste costs for start-up and job changeovers

Xeikon and its Aura Partner Hybrid Software have developed a software tool specific for Pipe Marking Labels. This tool
automates the digital workflow, starting from designing the label, to digital printing and finally digital die-cutting of the labels.
This solution provides minimal operator workload during pre-print, print and post-print, and minimal substrate waste of the high-end substrate. Due to the nature of this application (every sheet has a unique combination of labels of different sizes), converting is only possible on laser diecut equipment. X-800 Vectorizor has been used to drive the laser diecut.


The LABEL is printed on a Xeikon PX3000 press, with PantherCure UV inks and substrate Avery Dennison

  Market requirements Durability performance of the LABEL*
Scratch resistance ++ +++
Heat resistance ++ +++
Chemical resistance ++ +++
Sun & UV lightfastness ++ +++
UL, CSA certification Not mandatory Certified for Xeikon and Avery Dennison

* + = medium durability, ++ = high durability, +++ = very high durability

Digital production solution with a Xeikon PX3000