Durable Self-Adhesive Labelling
Signage Labels


Any market where public health and safety is at stake will see an increased use in label signage to control traffic, safety, health, chemicals, and access. Durability is an important aspect as the sign should still be readable in 10 years time. The size of the label can vary based upon the circumstance.

Production details

Here you can see a self-adhesive label signage sample printed on a Xeikon PX3000 digital press.

  • Print dimensions: 100 x 100 mm
  • Substrate: Synthetic substrate to ensure conformability of the label on the container and provide a uniform gloss
  • Toner/Ink: CMYK PantherCure UV ink
  • Finishing: Xeikon DCoat series, offline die cut

The Xeikon PX3000 has been the press of choice due to the durable characteristics of the  PantherCure UV inks and the unlimited repeat length for any size of labels.

Sample of a digital printed label signage

What is the value of digital printing?

Label signage orders don’t come in large volumes as they are bespoke for a specific situation (factory, construction site, ship, chemical plant,...). The content of the image can vary (e.g. due to language, specific substance flowing through a pipe, sitting in a barrel) but the symbols are the same through the global standards. Hence the business is mainly short run work. At the same time the substrate is relatively expensive which does not match with the short run as any type of waste will add up to the cost.
Furthermore, digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  • Instant ability to alter the label size
  • Printing of multi-variants in one go
  • Prevention of costly substrate waste
  • Maximizing the production through digitizing manufacturing


The LABEL is printed on a Xeikon PX3000 press, with PantherCure UV inks and substrate Avery Dennison TRANSFER PET WH TOP - S8002 - BG42WH (BJ330)

  Market requirements Durability performance of the LABEL*
Scratch resistance ++ +++
Heat resistance ++ +++
Chemical resistance + +++
Sun & UV lightfastness ++ +++
UL, CSA compliance Mandatory / depending on application Certified for Xeikon and Avery Dennison


Which is the preferred digital press for self-adhesive label signage?


The Xeikon PX3000 digital printing press. Our digital inkjet label printer using PantherCure UV inks and X800 workflow

  • PantherCure UV inks: being scuff, water, chemical resistant without the need for additional converting steps such as lamination or UV varnishing
  • full LED & mercury curing: ensure an in-depth curing of the PantherCure UV ink
  • X800-workflow designed for last stage customization (size, content,…) in a tightly controlled process to automate the job handling
  • UV inkjet: digital replacement for flexo and screen printing, providing that special tactile feel and glossy look

Which is the preferred digital production solution?

Below you can see our solution for label signage, the Xeikon PX3000 digital printing press for digital label printing.

Digital production solution with a Xeikon PX3000


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