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Table Tent Cards


A table tent is a convenient, self-standing promotional unit created in most cases from printed and folded cardstock or paper. Table tents are designed to be placed on tables as well as counters, desks, or any other horizontal surface and therefore the substrate provides the rigidity necessary to stand upright. Die cut slits in the base help these units interlock to form a free-standing triangular “tent” shape, or they can be joined together by some other means, such as adhesive tape or staples.

They are almost always printed in full color for maximum impact. The same artwork can be printed on both upright panels so it can be seen from either side or each panel can be printed with a different graphic with up to three printable sides.

Production details

Here you can see samples of table tent cards printed on a Xeikon 3500 digital press.

  • Print dimensions: (1) 105 x 620 mm / (2) 300 x 710 mm / (3) 461 x 210 mm
  • Substrate: 300 gsm paper 
  • Toner: QA-I toner 
  • Finishing: (1) Die cut /  (2) Cut to sheet and glued to cardboard / (3) Cut to size including lamination R/V, creasing, double sided tape

The Xeikon 3500 has been the digital press of choice since table tent cards are essentially a single sided application. Moreover due to the high speed on high grammages, the Xeikon 3500 is ideal for running high quality images on heavy stocks. Additionally it provides a perfect compatibility of QA-I toner with varnishing or lamination for durability and luxurious finishing.

Samples of a digital printed table tent cards

What is the value of digital printing?

The increased need to promote and differentiate next to more customization can be fulfilled through digital production. Increasing quality in digital color printing, possibility of short runs and shorter turnaround is making it easier and more affordable to produce this kind of promotional material for marketing purposes. Moreover due to the personalization of the table tent cards seasonal promotions or special offers per shop are possible.

Furthermore digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  • optimal imposition of your job and waste reduction due to webfed technology
  • offset quality with the advantages of digital printing
  • 5th color station for brand colors
  • excellent deinkability to support and ensure optimized recycling process

Which is the preferred digital press for table tent cards?

The Xeikon 3500 digital printing press. The flagship in digital dry toner printing, which produces at true 1200 dpi for formats up to B2+ stunning speeds while offering with its digital front-end full flexibility:

  • wide substrate range: coated and uncoated paper between 40 and 350 gsm (27 lb. text to 122 lb. cover)
  • B2 format or bigger: 516 mm (20.3”) x 730 mm (28.7") or 516 x 1000 mm
  • high quality printing: 1200 dpi with wide color gamut and spot colors
  • top web speed: up to 19.2 m/min (63 ft/min)
  • handles production volumes: 1630 B2 sheets/hour

Which is the preferred digital production solution?

Below you can see an example of a full digital production set-up for table tent cards including a Xeikon 3500 digital press, a Web Varnishing Module which adds a high-quality UV or water-based coating for protection and a Pile High Stacker to accommodate longer print runs. It is our complete digital printing solution, which comes with all the necessary components for seamless digital graphic arts printing.

Digital production solution with a Xeikon 3500


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