Self-adhesive Labelling
Durable Peel & Reveal


Peel & Reveal labels are a multilayered construction which can provide space for communication information on the different layers. The construction is mainly based upon BoPP based facestock which is either printed double side or where we print on top of the glue layer. This solution has been created to communicate large sum of information on a limited space and is used a lot in the chemical industry.

Self-adhesive labels as such (aka ‘pressure sensitive labels’ or PSL) are made by printing onto a laminated construction of 3 layers: a release liner (otherwise known as the backing paper, carrier or glassine), a layer or adhesive and the facestock material. The laminate is printed, slit in the respective lanes corresponding with the dimension of the label. From the label(s) which will be placed on the base label (1) the glassine will be removed (2) through a cross-over bar placed on top of the base label and than die cut.

Production details

Here you can see a self-adhesive Peel & Reveal label sample printed on a Xeikon CX300 digital press.

  • Print dimensions: 145 x 60 mm
  • Substrate: UPM PP White FTC 60 RP37 HD70 (inline smart lamination)
  • Toner: Durable QA-I toner
  • Finishing: Xeikon LCU series, rewind and inline lamination

The Xeikon CX300 has been the press of choice as its variable repeat length allows for any side label with a most efficient workflow due to its automated setup and is an affordable industrial printing press for professionals.

Sample of a digital printed Peel & Reveal label

What is the value of digital printing?

Every changing legislation makes it a challenge for brand owners to add all the required information on the ‘limited’ space available on a product container. A Peel & Reveal label addresses this need by creating several print area in a layered structure. As such the label still maintains it esthetic appearance and hold all required info. Maintaining large stocks of labels as they can become easily obsolete. Hence they switch to print on demand, allowing last minutes changes when needed and as such avoiding obsolete stocks and associated costs.

Furthermore digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  • the ability to print multi-variants within the same dimensions drastically reducing start-up cost compared to conventional printing
  • fast turnaround time
  • reduction of complexity in production handling the data
  • the possibility to add easily single or full color variable data with no extra cost

Which is the preferred digital press for self-adhesive Peel & Reveal labels?

The Xeikon CX300 digital printing press. The narrow web flagship excels in productivity and high quality printing at true 1200 dpi, built around commonly used 330 mm (13" web width):

  • dry toner technology: ability to print on the broadest range of conventional materials (clear-on-clear substrate and natural papers) with the highest quality, while offering color strength
  • full rotary printing: ensures a consistent image positioning on the web required for finishing
  • variable repeat length: allows for the printing of any type of label length minimizing waste
  • application tuned toner providing the required durability and quality

Which is the preferred digital production solution?

Below you can see an example of a full production set-up for self-adhesive Peel & Reveal labels: a roll-to-roll Self-adhesive Label Suite with a two stage production process which impasses two different printed reels which are merged together. Roll A and Roll B are both printed on a Xeikon CX300. In a 2nd stage both are placed on a Xeikon LCU which holds a laminating module. This module will place, in sync, the facestock of Roll B on top of Roll A which is varnished prior with a specific varnish. After the laminating step the construction is die cutted with either a semi rotary die cutter or a Laser Die Cutter, the Xeikon LDU. It is our complete digital printing solution, which comes with all the necessary components for seamless digital label printing.

Rendering PMS large - CX300 - LCU350


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