Wet-glue labelling
Wine labels


Wet-glue (WG) still dominates in the food and beverage world such as mineral water, beer, wine or spirits, a pre-eminence founded on its traditional edge in terms of quality and – for longer print runs – lower cost. Today's choice of substrates, workflow and finishing enables printers to go digital for small series and customised runs in wet-glue labels.


High quality driven market by perception. Not only print quality but also embellishments play an important part in that perception. Printing on challenging substrates such as natural structured paper. Dry toner is the perfect colorant technology to produce this.

Production details

Production of wet-glue wine labels on the Xeikon 3500 press using WEKO rehumidification. Converted to sheets and collated in the Xeikon Pile High Stacker.

Solution components

Workflow Print Media Consumables and Tools Equipment
ATT brand protection B&B NiklaConcept Rock 80gsm Superblack WEKO rehumidification
QA-I Toner CMY +Superblack +Orange Meech Webcleaning
Xeikon Pilehigh stacker
ATT brand protection
Print Media
B&B NiklaConcept Rock 80gsm
Consumables and Tools
QA-I Toner CMY +Superblack +Orange
WEKO rehumidification
Meech Webcleaning
Xeikon Pilehigh stacker